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It’s Not Just You, Your Muscles Get Tired Too

Athletes from amateur to professional levels all experience muscle fatigue at some point. The people who tend to suffer the most however, are surprisingly those who are less active. Many regard professional athletes as much more likely to have complications with muscle fatigue, however in terms of how the muscles use energy those who are less active than professionals are at a distinct disadvantage. It is very important to understand that when you are working out, you are slowly wearing down the muscle...


Winning Eating Habits for Athletes

As athletes work to prepare for competitions and tournaments, it is very important that nutritional needs be met. This includes both eating habits, what is consumed, and when it is eaten. The old saying that you should not eat before swimming is a very real concern for athletes regardless of which sport they are involved in. In order to allow the body to fully convert the good foods that you are eating into energy you need to give it time. The amount of time it needs varies depending on the exact food...


Sports Medicine – Past and Present

Sports medicine was initially coordinated in the ancient areas of Greece and Rome where many of the young athletes were not being properly trained. Striving to improve their training and provide better overall supervision of the young athlete’s physical education became a concern for the people of these societies. This coordination of physical education was used to help increase the strength and abilities of the athletes in a carefully controlled way, which would allow their progress to be carefull...


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